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Quality, Handcrafted Pens Make Exceptional Gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone important in your life? Sometimes the most obvious things seem to escape our thoughts when trying to think of the perfect gift.

For many people, a perfect gift is a quality, handcrafted pen. Most professionals use pens all day long. Students use pens to for note taking and completing assignments. Many older folks still prefer to write letters as opposed to sending e-mail. Writing checks, making shopping lists, doing the daily crossword puzzle are still more ways in which a pen is used. And every time the receiver picks up the gift pen they will remember the event and person who gave it to them.

Many people don’t buy quality, handcrafted pens every day and they are unsure of where to start in their search for the right gift. Here are a few points to consider when purchasing this thoughtful gift.

How much will you spend

One of the first things to consider when planning on buying a handcrafted pen is the amount you should budget. Quality pens can cost anywhere from $70 and up. There are pens available for several hundreds of dollars, but in general, $70 to $200 will purchase a stunning pen.

Choosing the right pen

There are several different types of pens available – fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and gel pens are just a few. You will probably want to do some research first to determine which type of pen the receiver likes. Many people already have a preference, so sticking with that type of pen will ensure it is well used.

Fountain pens

Fountain pens are the classic writing instrument. They are the essence of sophistication and have an air of royalty. They can truly turn the act of writing into the creation of art when used properly. Fountain pens are also considered collectors items and many people display their fountain pens in glass-topped cases. Using a fountain pen takes practice, and for many people this can be the most difficult part. But for people that enjoy writing, a fountain pen can be a wonderful gift.

Ballpoint Pens

If the recipient of your gift typically uses a Bic type pen then the right choice is probably a quality handcrafted ballpoint pen. These pens are the most widely used pen on the planet. Ballpoint pens use an oil based ink which can last longer than water based inks and makes it very easy to write with. This is a good choice for the person that makes considerable use of a pen.

Rollerball pens

In between the elegance of a fountain pen and the utility of a ballpoint pen is the rollerball pen. A rollerball pen combines the appearance of using a fountain pen and the technology of a ballpoint pen. This combination makes for a smooth and easy writing experience. If you are not sure which type of gift pen your recipient would prefer, this is most likely the best choice as it combines the features of the other two styles.

After deciding on the type of pen would make the best writing instrument, there are many additional options to choose from. The body style of pen, click or twist, click-on or screw-on postable cap, and a wide variety of materials from exotic hardwoods or acrylics to Corian® or deer antler. There are a limitless number of possibilities. With the many options available you are sure to find the perfect handcrafted pen for that special person.

Corian is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours.